Painting Contractor in Raleigh, NC

Whether you want to paint your business or your home, at Amaya Painting, Inc., we will provide you with a Raleigh, NC, painting contractor who understands your needs. Our dedication to quality workmanship and excellent materials allows us to provide you with the superb services you are looking for. Whether you need small touch-ups or major repairs, we will match the colors and styles of your building.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned and operated business, we know it is important to receive the services you are paying for. That’s why we believe our clients and customers deserve the following benefits:

  • Neat and professional service
  • Prompt project completion
  • Flexible hours

Whether you speak English or Spanish, our reliable crew will go over all of the details to make sure we understand your plan completely. When it’s time to paint, call in the professionals at Amaya Painting, Inc. Discover the same dedicated Raleigh, NC, painting contractor your friends, neighbors, and communities have been enjoying since 2002. Schedule your appointment around your calendar, and we’ll work hard to get things back in shape so that you can enjoy the comfort and style of a beautifully painted home or business.


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